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For a Healthful Flight

1. Passengers who have any pre-existing health problem or any questions related to their health, they would better consult with a physician prior to the journey.


2. All necessary or recommended vaccinations during their travel must be completed in appropriate time periods prior to the journey .

Having all mandatory childhood vaccinations and some vaccinations which are mandatory in some countries fully completed has significant importance in terms of protection against infectious diseases and some certain diseases and having a healthy and trouble-free travel.

Information on vaccinations and travel health can be obtained by visiting the following websites: /

At least 1-2 months before the travel information should definitely be obtained from the doctor.

3. In order to not to experience any health problem during and after the flight , it is recommended to postpone the travel in case of any illness.

Even the ordinary cases such as cold, which are considered not to result with any problems normally, may cause health problems during the flight, especially because of the changes in air pressure while landing.

It is recommended that passengers who don’t feel well or are sick to see the doctor prior to their flight and postpone their travel if possible.

4. For passengers who experience air sickness, to choose a window seat or a seat over the wing while making reservation is recommended.

There is a need of consulting a doctor wether to take or not to take any medicine prior to the flight.

5. Passengers who are on regular medication must take their medicines with them in their carry-on baggage and keep them in a place which is easy to reach.

This has significant importance for not interrupting the treatment and also in possible emergency situations informing the physicians who will treat the case about passenger’s prior medical condition.

6. It is recommended to passengers to wear loose and comfortable clothes and shoes which they have been using before and which do not cause any pinching.

it is important in order to prevent any problems of circulation which may occur in case of prolonged immobilization during a flight.

7. It is recommended that passengers mustn’t place anything underneath the seat in front of them during the flight.

Passengers need to perform some exercises in order to maintain their blood circulation in a healthy state. Situations restricting the movement space of the feet will cause limitations in blood circulation.